Reasons To Try An Escape Game For The First Time

Escape rooms appeal to people on many different levels. Nonetheless, there are some common reasons why you might want to try them, such as finding a fun activity to participate in over the weekend. However, we will discuss this reason in more depth later. In the meantime, here are some other reasons why escape rooms are growing in popularity:

First Reason — You can challenge yourself

The first reason to try escape rooms is that you will uniquely challenge yourself, which closely mirrors real life situations. By ‘challenging yourself’ we do not mean just challenging your intellect, but also assessing how well you respond to emergency situations. While the challenges you experience in an escape game may seem artificial, the emotions are genuine.

It’s always fascinating to witness how players act when they still have a riddle to solve, and the clock indicates that they only have a few seconds remaining. Are you aware of how effectively you behave and think in pressurized situations? Have you ever tested yourself to find out? If you haven’t but want to, an escape room is a place for you. Enter the room, test your nerve and attempt to escape in the allotted time.

Because we’ve already referred to an intellectual part of escape game challenges, we should discuss this too. Firstly, and most importantly, no devices are permitted in the room. Try to recall all the occasions when you had to master something or commit something to memory, and you instantly grabbed your mobile phone. Well, you can’t do that in an escape room. You have to be self-sufficient with your teammates.

Obviously, you can choose the difficulty level, as well as the game theme. However, you should not fret about the difficulty of the game, because support is constantly available – even if you are not aware of it. Therefore, do not let the thought of becoming stuck at some stage in the game deter you, there will not be any slow periods. You can discover more about escape room difficulty on various different related websites.

Second Reason — It is a great activity to build teams

For adult players, the appeal of escape rooms lies in their ability to foster team building skills. Many office managers want a highly organized work environment, with staff who can work well together. And this is precisely what an escape game can offer these professionals.

There’s simply no alternative than to help each other win the game and leave the room victorious. And, after you warm to the task, you will become completely focused on winning the game.

One thing to say before we progress to the next point. The phrase ‘team building’ does not just refer to the workplace. It can be an excellent activity for relatives, groups of friends or parties. Any relationships that need attention or improvements will benefit from time in an escape room.

Third Reason — It is an original experience

Escape games are ideal for people who believe that they’ve seen it all. However, this is not the main attraction of escape rooms. Firstly, escape rooms are great for families, who enjoy cool outdoor activities. There’s no other type of activity that can offer the same experience.

Picture the amazing atmosphere, when a whole family is focused solely on the goal of locating something that can help them win the game. Once someone discovers a clue, all the players will gather around for a group brainstorming session. This fosters a sense of camaraderie, and for sixty minutes or so your negative ideas and concerns will be cast aside.

Almost straight away, escape rooms give you the feeling of being a detective from the 1920s, or a spy on an important mission, or anything else you want to be. Everything is based on the scenario you choose and the level of difficulty involved.

Fourth Reason — It is even better than a video game.

One big reason to visit an escape room is that it resembles a video game in many ways. Lots of people pick up on this, and it adds to their enjoyment considerably. This is understandable because if you are a video game enthusiast, there’s nothing better than actually being in one of the games yourself. This is particularly true with detective themed games, where you are searching for clues and trying to piece everything together.

After you go into the room, there’s no other persona to adopt than the one you choose. Furthermore, no extra devices are permitted. Can you recall when you last spent time playing games, with no screen watching? This is yet another reason why you should try an escape game.

Another thing to note here. Let us just recognize that experiencing a proper adventure nowadays is not easy to do safely. However, in an escape room, it is possible to experience a broad spectrum of feelings, and get an adrenalin rush, as you move from one exciting situation to the next. All this can be done in a safe, supervised environment.

Fifth Reason — You only live once

Escape games are a lot of fun, and you have nothing to lose by trying them. The majority of people are turning to escape rooms as a way of spending time with their loved ones and friends. The games are exhilarating, and the time spent in the room will stimulate you intellectually and emotionally. You can take these experiences and apply them in real life situations as well, so there’s no reason not to get involved.

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