TG Lake Estates Home & Condo Moving Checklist

Moving is a busy time. It requires time to organize the relocation; you may sell your house which requires staging, and finally the move. Moving into a condo from an apartment or time requires lots of preparation. With so many things to take care of, it’s easy for some tasks to fall through the cracks. A condo moving checklist can help ease this burden. The checklist allows you to list all that needs to be done ahead of the move to make a move smooth.

Here are some tips and what to include in your condo moving checklist:


You probably have that box full of unused items that keep piling up, but you’ve never had the chance to unpack it. Once you’ve decided on the move, make this time to clean out anything you don’t use a lot to take with you. This minimizes the time you will spend packing and unpacking. Moreover, it will cut down costs when hiring movers.
You can use donation boxes to get rid of unwanted housewares, sporting goods, clothes, or books. Alternatively, you can hold a garage sale to get rid of unwanted items.

Prepare a List of Your Furniture and Measurements

If you’ve recently purchased furniture or new items, do not forget to create a list along with their respective prices. This information will come in handy for your home-content insurance. Get a floor plan from HDB or a private developer to see if your furniture can fit. Check to see if they need a lift to be transported if it’s a condo. Note that movers charge extra for every level they have to climb. Some condos have high ceilings and may require longer curtains. Knowing this information ahead of time will save you lots of time and money.

Plan on What Goes Into Each Room

In your condo moving checklist, list what is required to go into each room. If you’re using packing boxes, ask ahead how many will be provided and how much they will cost you. Label the boxes according to the room you’d like them placed to make work easier for the moving company. Do the same for your furniture. Remember that moving furniture less means fewer scratches to your floors.

Have a Suitcase With all The Essentials

Moving can be daunting. You don’t want to move into your new condo and cannot trace where all the essentials are. To prevent this, have a suitcase with all the essentials such as change of clothes, battery chargers, toothbrush and toothpaste, ID, extension cords, and medicine.Do not forget to have an emergency kit. Include a cutting knife, marker pen, masking tape, tape measure, set of keys and a spare battery.

Submit a Moving Form

If you’re moving into a condo, some may have rules on when movers can operate during the weekdays and on weekends. Find out if you need to make an application a week ahead to allow movers to commence work. Also, ensure that the movers avoid damaging the padding provided as this may lead to forfeiting of your deposit.

Do Not Pack Certain Items

When preparing for a move, there are items you’re not required to pack. These include pet food, tins of old paint, receipts for the landlord, instruction manuals, rubbish bags, or even dust mops.

Choose Your Mover Carefully

Some movers will promise you a good deal without even seeing your items. You may end up spending a lot more on hidden costs such as packing, unpacking, and moving boxes. Also, these movers may turn up late, making you late. Never trust any company that has good deals over the phone. Visit each potential moving company in person and get a quotation. Check and compare at least several companies before settling on the top movers that meet your budget and have experience in this business. Also, check with the company if there are items you can’t move. In case there are, make arrangements to know how they will get to your new condo.

Deal With Utilities

If you have the same providers at your new place, transfer the services in your name. Alternatively, schedule for a connect and disconnect service. Accommodate enough time in case you run into unavoidable circumstances.

Moving is work. Whether you’re moving to an apartment or condo. With these tips, the moving process should be streamlined. Set a timeline to keep things organized. Remember to enjoy your new condo!

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