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Moving is a busy time. It requires time to organize the relocation; you may sell your house which requires staging, and finally the move. Moving into a condo from an apartment or time requires lots of preparation. With so many things to take care of, it’s easy for some tasks to fall through the cracks. A condo moving checklist can help ease this burden. The checklist allows you to list all that needs to be done ahead of the move to make a move smooth.

Here are some tips and what to include in your condo moving checklist:


You probably have that box full of unused items that keep piling up, but you’ve never had the chance to unpack it. Once you’ve decided on the move, make this time to clean out anything you don’t use a lot to take with you. This minimizes the time you will spend packing and unpacking. Moreover, it will cut down costs when hiring movers.
You can use donation boxes to get rid of unwanted housewares, sporting goods, clothes, or books. Alternatively, you can hold a garage sale to get rid of unwanted items.


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309728B09D1231310A4501F778AC28B1Are you considering purchasing a condo in Las Vegas? Are you wondering what the advantages are of owning your own piece of realty in the city that never sleeps? Well, you have come to the right place. Continue reading to learn about the advantages of owning a condominium in Las Vegas.First of all, it can be helpful to know exactly what a condo is. It is a cross between a house and an apartment. The part that is like a house is the ownership. You purchase a condo and are the owner. It is similar to an apartment in that condos share a wall and are adjacent to each other. Some condos are in high rise buildings, thus, they are located below and above each other.Condo-Space

Now that you know what a condo is, you may be wondering about the advantages of owning one in Las Vegas. First, there is no yard work. Typically, you will pay dues to an association. This takes care of property management needs. Not only that but utility bills are also paid from a community pot. Also, buying a condo is cheaper than buying a house comparable in size. You will spend quite a bit less purchasing a condo than a house. Another advantage of owning a condo is that living nearby builds a sense of community.

While those are basic advantages of owning a condo in Las Vegas, there is more. When you choose to live in such a lively city, you aren’t far from fun no matter where your condo is located, including casinos, shows, and escape rooms. Plus, Las Vegas has some great options when it comes to condos.

As you begin your search for a condo, there are a few things that you should consider. One thing to thinkxl-yul-condos-a-montreal-916500792x
about is the location. How important is that to you? Also, you will want to learn about the condo association’s rules. For instance, you may want to know if pets are allowed or what changes you can you make to the condo. By contacting a real estate agent, they can help you find the perfect place for your needs.

In conclusion, choosing to own a condo in Las Vegas is a great option. There is not a lot, if any, maintenance, you are close to a myriad of fun, and you are part of a great community.

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If you’ve paid any attention to the economy over the past ten years, then you’ve noticed that things have been a bit tense. There’s a lot of discussion as to why, with everything from “Obama did it” to “maybe aliens”, but most people don’t take those claims seriously. However, there is one claim that many people do takebdp-stock-market-bubble-burst2 seriously. Namely, the real estate bubble.

For many people, when you ask them what a real estate bubble is, you get something about subprime mortgage loans and big bank lenders. That’s not exactly informative, especially if you don’t already know
what those terms mean. This means it can be incredibly difficult to get a straight answer on what, precisely, a real estate bubble is. That’s not even mentioning how a real estate bubble might have caused a recent financial crash!

Luckily, the answer to these questions is not particularly difficult. It just has to be explained piece by piece.

What Is A Market Bubble?

Before you can understand a real estate bubble, you have to understand the concept of a market bubble. The truth is that any market can have a bubble. It’s not specific to real estate.

Back in the year 2000, you may recall people referring to the “dot-com bust”. That was about an e-business bubble that had grown. You can go back even further, if you so choose, to the 1920s in the United States. The stock market crash was caused by the creation of a stock market bubble.

In simple terms, a market bubble is a period of rapid increase in the cost of certain products. In the case of a real estate bubble, that product would be real estate. Back during the 2000s, that product was internet businesses.2000px-Nasdaq_Composite_dot-com_bubble.svg

Why do these bubbles popping cause the market to crash? Because a bubble bursting doesn’t only mean that the cost of a product drops. It means that it falls suddenly and significantly, to the point where products may only be worth a small fraction of their original price. In some situations, this price drop can happen over night. This means that many businesses or individuals that had invested in the product suddenly have much, much less money than they did before.

Think about it. You have a piece of property that’s been estimated at $100,000. That means, on paper, you have $100,000. It’s more complicated than that, but for the definition of a real estate bubble, this works. Since your investments and holdings say that you have $100,000, that means you have an excellent line of credit. People offer you loans for other investments, or sell you other products on credit, with the idea that you can pay them back based on the fact that you have this product worth $100,000.

Suddenly, almost over night, the price of your property drops to $20,000. Now the people who extended you credit are less sure about your ability to pay. Instead of being willing to wait for you to pay them back, they want their money back right now. You could have dozens of different lenders, all demanding you pay them back. Even if you could liquidate the asset immediately, you won’t get $100,000 for it. You may legitimately be unable to pay back the money you owe.

That’s the problem with a bubble. They burst.

The Bursting Of A Bubble

Bubbles burst for a number of reasons, but they all boil down to one thing. The market realizes that the real 102134029-bubble-burst.530x298worth of a product is much lower than the estimated value of a product.

Bubbles start because investors believe a product is worth a certain amount. To get that product, people take out loans for that amount. If enough people are taking out loans for a product, then the product seems worth even more. This cycle continues until the estimated value of the product becomes too much for the market to bear. Either people begin defaulting on the loans, or people attempting to sell the product can’t find people to buy at that price.

Either way, the result is a bubble burst, a market crash. The only way to keep this from happening is by enforcing regulations on how much product can be sold for, or how much money can be lent for a product. Otherwise, the market will continue the boom and burst cycle. As a result of the market bubble and the burst of the bubble people save their money to invest at a certain time, for information on when to invest into a house please visit

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real_estate11For many years, my speech and my analysis are constant: real estate prices, we are in a bubble and the trend is inevitably to falling property prices.

Since 2008 I maintain the same thinking, it is clear that the decline in property prices that we consider as the beginning never materialized.

The question then many people ask themselves  today is about the relevance of our analysis. We must recognize the error of analysis and abandon the idea of ​​the significant decline in property prices? And if prices increased again after a consolidation cycle of 8 years (duration of average cycle of real estate)?

The important thing is not to be right or wrong. The important thing is being able to adapt one’s discourse and  analysis according to the changing economic environment. So I am proud of all the analysis that I proposed for years on property prices. My fundamental analysis does not change, however, the conclusion tends to evolve gradually in recent months: The big drop in property prices probably never happen! Prices could even rise again under certain conditions,
life insurance and asset management, all know to understand and optimize your wealth

I apologize to those of you who scrupulously followed my analysis because I increasingly feel an error of assessment at the time or this massive fall in house prices was happening.Arizona_real_estate
The settlement of the 2008 crisis takes a turn that we could hardly anticipate that in 2009 – 2016. We are now entering a new era that fundamentally changes the analysis and investment strategies, the era of negative interest rates and the era of “eternal low rates” at least for a period that could be very long.

We’re in the post economic crisis of 2008. Nothing goes well though, We are still on the brink of the same crisis. Monetary policy is still conventional and quantitative easing, ie monetizing the debt of states by the asset repurchase central banks are just beginning.
At the time, considering that monetary policy is inflationary: By increasing the amount of money in circulation, the price of goods and services must increase. Thus, in anticipation of the next inflationary period that has to happen, I am sharing my cautious about investing in real estate.

Already, I assure you, that the next rise in interest rates induced by the return of inflation will be fatal to real estate investors. The question of the return of inflation may seem good today, but I assure you that back in 2009, when I was working with Save With John and Dave One Percent Realty, it was clear, monetary policy and quantitative easing is inflationary!
Next  time, I write the next evolution of our investments should comply with these guidelines:

– Lower prices due to rising interest rates;
– Increase in rents over a return of inflation;
– And or (Lower lease renewal rents due to the economic crisis and the glut of rental supply in some regions.)

The volume and transactions are accompanied  with a very low level of interest rates. Since the rates will resume their normal levels, prices will drop significantly.

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